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Sponsored articles included in the so-called content marketing is one of the best SEO methods to bulit good quality links. High-quality links from the content of the articles increase the authority of the site. Publications are one of the most effective and secure forms of SEO due to the fact that the link is surrounded by thematic content. Sponsored articles bring many benefits if published links are found on trusted sites and placed on portals matched to the subject of the text.

I offer you my private SEO base of websites, sites and blogs for publishing expert articles. From the beginning, all pages were kept only in photography (and related) topic and have a long, documented history. Topical authority and long history of domains significantly increases their attractiveness.

This is a unique set of domains managed so far only for my clients – photographers who wanted to achieve great results in organic search engine results. From today this elite group of sites is also available for you. Be ahead of your competition thanks to the unique portfolio of domains linking to your site. The cost of publishing an expert article on a single domain is 30 Euro. In the case of relinking (placing a backlink you will receive a 50% discount!).

trust flow citation flow domain rating domain authority referring domain domain
s**** 14 23 4 11 31 2011
www.f*** 26 24 19 11 7 2005
a*** 20 24 8 21 95 2013
c*** 34 24 10 7 12 2010
f*** 10 31 16 16 37 2009
f*** 8 28 9 20 27 2009
www.f*** 31 32 8 9 76 2008
www.f*** 16 27 28 20 41 2006
www.z*** 9 30 28 9 41 2013
f*** 31 19 28 13 28 2008

I only accept topical pages – photographers, filmmakers or related subjects, e.g. from wedding industry. PBN, pretzels, web 2.0 pages, catalogs, etc. are not acceptable.

The text provided must be of good quality, thematic, stylistically and grammaticaly correct, have at least 3,000 characters with spaces and not more than 8,000 cws. The articles contain one dofollow link to the indicated website.

Main product advantages: uniqueness, topical sites